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Why you need a Vacation Travel Ring & where to get it!

If you're engaged, or about to be, you've probably heard of a Vacation Travel Ring. If you haven't, it's essentially a dupe or copy of your diamond engagement ring that you take out and about and on your long haul vacations to avoid the stress of risk or loss! So welcome to the world of engagement ring replicas, let's talk about it!

vacation travel rings, faux engagement rings for women online

Vacation Travel Rings for women became a thing when diamond engagement rings got bigger, more expensive and couples got the itch to travel to more exotic locations further around the globe and didn't want to run the risk of bringing their expensive belongings yet they're married or engaged so no engagement ring in the photo would look weird right? Right! 

So now we know exactly what an engagement ring clone is, what are they made of and how do they look so realistic?

Margalit Rings started by cloning real diamonds and making copies that to the naked eye looked aesthetically identical to the real thing. We knew that women wanted the comfort and safety of storing their expensive diamonds at home in a security deposit box whilst maintaining the glamorous allure of wearing a costly looking yet albeit fake engagement ring that looks just like the real deal. Our vacation travel ring dupes are made to dazzle and sparkle like real diamonds. They produce rainbow reflections in the sunlight and are cut with the same shapes and facets that diamonds are! 

vacation travel rings, faux engagement rings for women online

Being able to travel knowing that your expensive diamond ring is safe and sound at home and go on as many activities and excursions as you wish wearing a direct copy of your engagement ring has provided so much relief and comfort to travelling wives and brides to be! Your insurance company will also thank you and likely present you with a much more reasonable premium, knowing that you're taking the necessary measures to ensure your precious diamond engagement ring's safekeeping. 

We created an entire collection of Vacation Travel Rings, you will be sure to find a direct match to the engagement ring you've been given. From emerald cut to classic round solitaire, we have a vast ring collection that will make you question whether they are in fact not diamonds! We use the highest grade materials together with 925 Sterling Silver finishes and bands so that your ring stays sparkly and is durable for all the wild holiday activities you may get up to, they are without doubt the best fake engagement rings out there on the market. No cheap copies round here! 

vacation travel rings, faux diamond engagement rings for women online at margalit rings

Pick up a direct match to your engagement ring or switch it up by selecting another style and shape. At less than $500 a piece, the price point is at an affordable level for all budgets. 

Designed to sparkle just like the real thing, these high quality diamond ring simulant dupes are made to sparkle and shine just like your ring engagement ring back home. Some women get some comfortable wearing the dupe, they prefer it to not only wear on vacation and to travel yet to go to the gym, run errands and perform their usual daily activities without the worry of knocking out a stone or accidentally taking of their expensive diamond engagement ring and leaving it somewhere!

Other women, whilst emotionally connected to the engagement ring given to them by their husbands dream of switching it up on occasion with other ring styles. Victoria Beckham has 15 engagement rings, one for every mood. Who says we can only have one!? We love being able to mix and match with this stunning collection of faux engagement rings and pick different sized stones and settings depending on the occasion and what we're wearing. A cute 2 carat emerald cut to pop to the shops and a stunning 10 carat fancy yellow for the glamorous black tie event that night. In addition to faux engagement rings, we have a gorgeous collection of cocktail rings too, so why stop at engagement rings when you can have a show-stopping rock on each hand! It's so much fun to play with different shapes, colours and sizes. 

Here are our top five Vacation Travel Rings which will be sure to make you swoon!

1. 2 carat pear shape halo Travel Ring on Pave Sterling Silver band 

$335 or £260

2. 5 carat emerald cut Travel Ring on Pave Sterling Silver band

$258 or £200

5 carat emerald cut Travel Ring on Pave Sterling Silver band
3. 6 carat cushion cut Travel Ring on Pave Yellow gold band
$323 or £250
6 carat cushion cut Travel Ring on Pave Yellow gold band
4. 2 carat oval cut Travel Ring on Pave Sterling Silver band 
$213 or £165


2 carat cushion cut vacation travel ring on pave sterling silver band for women online


5. 3.5 carat round solitaire on Pave Sterling Silver band 

$174 or £135

3.5 carat round solitaire vacation travel ring for women online n Pave Sterling Silver band


Why not checkout our vast collection of Vacation Travel Rings for Women online here and find your dream diamond simulant ring to take on your next glamorous vacation! 

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