Proposed to with a Fake Engagement Ring! Would you say YES?

Proposed to with a Fake Engagement Ring! Would you say YES?

Proposed to with a fake engagement ring!

Every little girl dreams of two things, her fairlytale wedding and her dream engagement ring. To me, the ring was far more important that the wedding. Afterall, it lasts longer. Fifteen years after your big day nobody is going to remember the band you had, the venue you chose or the caterers you used, yet your ring stays on your finger as a lasting symbol of your commitment and a reminder of when your husband asked you to be his forever person.

proposed to with a fake engagement ring

An engagement ring for women is a status symbol, it’s like a nice car, a luxury handbag and a quality pair of shoes. Not all cars, bags and shoes are created equal and engagement rings are the same. If you’ve been engaged or have friends who have gotten engaged, we all know immediately after the congratulations comes ‘show me the ring!!’. It’s become customary to FaceTime friends and family with the ring in the shot as the first thing they’ll see when they pick up. But what if you hate the ring? What if the ring is so abundantly not you and your fiancée bless his heart just totally didn’t pick up on any of the 5,000 hints and tips and whispering into his iPhone when he wasn’t within earshot and he asked you to be his wife with the total opposite ring to that which you wanted and you can’t help but let it dampen your mood. What if there are cameras around. Worse yet a film crew.

huge fake engagement rings for women online

For most women, not all women, but most, the ring is of paramount importance. It’s that one moment of WOW where you get to be blown away by the sheer size and vivacity of a diamond and your fiancee’s opportunity to let you know ‘baby I’ve been listening to you all along!’, job well done, I accept, now let’s run off into the sunset and embark on this wild and fun journey of becoming man and wife.

 It’s such a high pressure moment, and it’s also a surprise, wouldn’t it be so much more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone if you were proposed to with a placeholder with a massive disclaimer attached ‘this is not your real engagement ring, we can choose that one together later’. Cue happy tears, massive smiles and the perfect proposal photography.

proposal to family with fake engagement ring 

Knowing this and how erm, well hearted yet sometimes miss guided our men can be, we created an entire range of engagement rings for that proposal moment with the WOW factor with a capital W for you to do with what you will until you replace it with its diamond counterpart. Minimal stress, minimal risk, at a price so affordable, if he’s super clumsy and loses it along the way he can come right back and get another. 

Perhaps he knows you’re green with envy at the sigh of Hailey Beiber’s massive round oval cut ring on a yellow gold band, great news, we have a dupe. Maybe he knows you’re more of a quiet luxury Sofia Richie Grainge style girl and fancy yourself an emerald cut, good stuff, we have the dupe. Or even if you’re somewhat of a princess or royal aficionado and feel yourself better suited to Kate Middleton’s sapphire blue engagement ring, we have a dupe! We have an engagement ring for every girl, at a price he can easily afford.

Welcome to the world of artificial or faux engagement rings. It’s a lifesaver. Here are our top 3 faux engagement rings for your dream proposal, with no excuses!

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