Nicola Peltz Engagement Ring from Brooklyn Beckahm, let's talk about it!

Nicola Peltz Engagement Ring from Brooklyn Beckahm, let's talk about it!

Nicola Peltz is one of the wealthiest heiresses in the world. Daughter of Nelson Peltz, famous US financier and former fashion model Claudia Heffner. 

Nelson Peltz, known to be worth $1.5 billion has gifted his wife some of the most incredible diamonds, which we saw on display at the Peltz x Beckham wedding in 2022 at which mother of the bride wore a 94.78 carat, pear-shaped, D-colour diamond necklace. 

 claudia peltz diamond necklace

Brooklyn Beckham, son of singer Victoria Beckham and former England footballer David Beckham proposed to Nicola Peltz on July 11, 2020. Brooklyn, announced their engagement on social media, sharing a photo of the couple along with a heartfelt caption expressing his love and excitement for their future together. 

nicola peltz and brooklyn beckham engagement

Brooklyn proposed with what is thought to have been a fairly flawless 5 carat emerald diamond that sat elegantly on a thin micro pave band, a dainty and elegant choice for his fiancee Nicola. 

nicola peltz 5 carat emerald cut engagement ring from brooklyn beckham 

We recreated Nicola's emerald cut engagement ring in our own dupe which you can shop here!

Emerald cut engagement rings on micro-pave bands have gained popularity for several reasons, combining the classic elegance of the emerald cut with the intricate detailing of micro-pave settings. Here are some reasons why this combination is favored:

  1. Timeless Elegance: The emerald cut, with its clean lines and step-cut facets, exudes timeless and sophisticated elegance. It's a classic choice that appeals to those who appreciate understated beauty and a vintage aesthetic.

  2. Unique and Distinctive: The emerald cut is less common than some other cuts, such as the round brilliant cut, making it a distinctive and unique choice. When paired with a micro-pave band, it adds a modern twist to the classic style, creating a ring that stands out.

  3. Enhanced Sparkle: Micro-pave settings consist of tiny, closely set diamonds, creating a paved appearance. When paired with an emerald cut, which tends to have larger, open facets, the micro-pave setting can add a layer of brilliance and sparkle, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the ring.

  4. Feminine and Delicate: Micro-pave bands are known for their delicacy and intricate detailing. When combined with the sleek lines of an emerald cut, it creates a ring that is both feminine and sophisticated, catering to those who appreciate a balance of delicacy and statement.

  5. Versatility: Emerald cut engagement rings on micro-pave bands are versatile and can complement various styles, from classic and vintage to more contemporary designs. The combination allows for personalization and customization, catering to different preferences.

  6. Illusion of Size: The micro-pave setting, with its closely set small diamonds, can create an illusion of additional size and brilliance, making the center stone appear larger than it is. This can be appealing to individuals who want a more substantial-looking engagement ring without necessarily increasing the carat size of the main stone.

The popularity of emerald cut engagement rings on micro-pave bands is a result of the harmonious blend of classic and modern elements, offering a unique and striking choice for those seeking a timeless yet contemporary engagement ring.

nicola peltz beckham 5 carat emerald cut engagement ring

Shortly after their dreamy nuptials in Miami in 2022, Nicola upgraded her engagement ring to what looks like a 10 carat oval diamond flanked by two trillions. It comes of no surprise that Nicola received a second engagement ring, perhaps inspired by his father David Beckham who has gifted wife Victoria 15 engagement rings over the years, who now has a stunning collection of diamond rings worth over £35 million. 

nicola peltz upgraded her engagement ring from brooklyn beckham

We love both of Nicola Pelt'z engagement rings and we can't wait to see if her collection grows like mother in law Victoria Beckham's!

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