Hailey Rhode Bieber's Oval Shape Engagement Ring

Hailey Rhode Bieber's Oval Shape Engagement Ring

Experts say Justin Bieber spared no expense when designing wife Hailey Baldwin's engagement ring, spending upwards of $500,000

At 6 carats, the oval shaped diamond sits on a plain 18K yellow gold band which accentuates the elegance of the stone. 

Hailey Rhode Bieber oval shaped engagement ring from Justin Bieber

Rumours have it Hailey fell in love with Blake Lively's oval engagement ring, designed by ultimate diamond connoisseur and mogul Lorraine Schwartz, who set the phenomenal 12 carat ring on her signature micro pave band. 

Hailey's ring was designed by Jack Solow of Solow & Co. Inc Diamond Jewellers based in New York, USA. 

Oval cut stones are considered to be a favoured of those with longer, slimline fingers who prefer a longer stone over a solitaire, which will make the fingers look slimmer. Oval shaped stones are incredibly versatile and look beautiful set on high prongs on a plain band, on a micro-pave band or even flanked by two side stones on either side. 

Blake Lively 12 carat engagement ring from Ryan Reynolds designed by Lorraine Schwartz

Hailey's micro pave wedding band is the perfect accoutrement to this already stunning engagement ring, which compliments her style beautifully. 

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