Anna Kournikova pink pear shape diamond ring

Anna Kournikova's Giant Pink Pear Engagement Ring! Let's Talk About It!

Tennis pro Anna Kournikova and Latin music star Enrique Inglesias first met on the set of his music video for his hit song 'Escape' in 2001 where the two engaged in a few steamy make out scenes. 

One year later in 2002, Anna and Enrique make their first red carpet debut at the Once Upon A Time In Mexico premiere in New York City sparking rumours that the two have been dating since the filming of the music video one year prior.

However it's in 2004 that mega speculation occurred that two relationship between the two had heated up to engagement status when Kournikova was spotted with a giant pink pear shape diamond ring on her engagement finger at a tennis match, the ring was so big it could be seen from space and it absolutely sent a message!

anna kournikova pink diamond engagement ring from enrique iglesias

We loved Anna Kournikova's dazzling pink diamond pear shape engagement ring so much we made out own version! Shop our pink pear shape ring here!

Anna Kournikova Pink Diamond Pear Shape Engagement Ring from Enrique Iglesias

Pink diamonds are considered exceptionally rare and are highly valued in the world of gemstones. Several factors contribute to the uniqueness and desirability of pink diamonds:

  1. Rarity: Pink diamonds are among the rarest of all colored diamonds. They make up only a tiny fraction of the world's diamond production. The scarcity of these diamonds enhances their value and appeal.

  2. Color Intensity: The color intensity of pink diamonds varies, ranging from light pink to vivid and deep shades. The more intense and saturated the pink color, the more valuable the diamond becomes.

  3. Natural Origin: Unlike some colored diamonds that get their color from trace elements or impurities, the exact cause of pink coloration in diamonds is not fully understood. It is believed to result from structural anomalies in the crystal lattice during the diamond's formation.

  4. Geographical Origin: Pink diamonds from certain mines, such as the Argyle mine in Australia, are particularly famous. The Argyle mine, known for its pink diamonds, closed in 2020, further increasing the rarity of these gems.

  5. Symbolism and Romance: The color pink is often associated with romance and femininity. Pink diamonds, therefore, hold sentimental value and are often chosen for engagement rings and other romantic jewelry.

  6. Celebrities and Luxury: Pink diamonds have gained popularity and cultural significance due, in part, to their presence in high-profile auctions, celebrity jewelry, and the use of pink diamonds in luxury jewelry collections.

  7. Investment Value: Because of their rarity, pink diamonds are often considered an investment. They can appreciate in value over time, and their scarcity makes them attractive to collectors and investors.

Due to their scarcity and the factors mentioned above, pink diamonds are highly sought after and can command very high prices in the market. The combination of rarity, color intensity, and cultural associations makes pink diamonds truly special in the world of gemstones.

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