Jewelry Care

Jewelry can be an investment, and has the ability to stay sparkly and gorgeous with the proper care and usage. Here are some tips to keep your Margalit jewelry in prime condition;

  • Remove your jewelry prior to showering or bathing. Keep lotions, oils and perfumes away from your jewelry as these chemicals can tarnish, oxidise and discolour your delicate jewels. 

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry to the gym or any workout classes. Strenuous and sweaty activities can put your jewels at risk of damage and discolouration. 

  • Hairspray and cosmetics can tarnish and oxidise your jewels. Be sure to keep your jewelry clear of any chemicals. 

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry to sleep. Place your jewels either in our signature packaging to store or lie flat. 

  • Always clasp your jewelry when you take it off.

  • Remember, whilst we carefully handcraft your Margalit pieces, it's your responsibility to take the best care of them to keep them fresh and sparkly!