Promise Rings for Young Couples

She's Mine - Put a Promise Ring on It!

Back in the day high school sweethearts would gift each other rings as a symbol of their love and devotion. Plain bands in either silver or gold, you would be forgiven for thinking they look just like wedding bands. 

Today, the concept of promise rings has become fashion. A young man would gift his lover a promise ring as almost a placeholder for an engagement ring which would come later down the line. They are a declaration of commitment and traditionally given after a significant amount of time has passed in a relationship, perhaps after 6 months or even a year. 

What is a Promise Ring?

It's recently become fashion that promise rings look almost like mini engagement rings. They feature pave band detailing, little diamond looking stones and are often worn on the wedding finger like an engagement ring itself. It's a beautiful concept and makes the perfect gift to celebrate the anniversary of love between two people. 

Promise rings are desired by women as they are a true token of love. They signify the relationship is at a more progressed level and on the path to an engagement, without jumping into that too soon. Somewhat like a placeholder ring almost, it's signals the intentions of a relationship and is a meaningful, memorable experience that to give and receive a promise ring and something to be cherished almost like a proposal itself. 

How much should be spent on a Promise Ring?

The price point of promise rings varies from relatively inexpensive if selecting plain metals and gemstones, to costly if looking at platinum, white gold and gold bands and diamonds. Some people look at promise rings as pre-engagement rings where they look just like a smaller version of the ring that is yet to come yet mainly they are made more affordably as they are traditionally designed for young couples.

 Promise rings might not necessarily mean an engagement is on it's way in the future, not everyone believes in marriage, yet they are a symbol of love and commitment for now and show that the wearer of the promise ring, or commitment ring as it is sometimes known is in a significant relationship. 

 What are Popular Promise Ring Styles?

  • Smaller versions of what a potential engagement ring could look like in future, for example a small emerald cut or classic round solitaire on a plain sterling silver band. Where you might go for a real diamond engagement, your promise ring might be made with a diamond simulant or non-diamond stone.
  • Some promise rings are simple, plain purity rings made with just a plain metal band. The idea behind this is they look just like wedding bands and are not removed by the wearer until the real engagement ring comes later down the line! These are elegant, simple and and understated symbol of commitment between two people. 
  • Other promise rings are designed to look nothing like an engagement ring to avoid the awkward assumption that you're engaged when you're not. These rings either feature coloured stones or mixed metal bands. 

Where to buy a Promise Ring

Most people shop for their promise rings online. Once you know your significant other's ring size, you can confidently order a gorgeous promise ring to fit her perfectly. We always offer free exchanges on ring size changes just incase you get it wrong and need to make a little adjustment!

Here is our top 3 selection of Promise Rings for her! 

1.  1 Carat Round Cut Promise Ring on a Pave Band 

$127 or £99

1 Carat Round Cut Promise Ring on a Pave Band

2. 2 Carat Pear Shape Promise Ring on Sterling Silver Band

$154 or £120

2 Carat Pear Shape Promise Ring on Sterling Silver Band

3. 2 Carat Oval Cut Promise Ring on Pave Sterling Silver Band

$211 or £165

2 Carat Oval Cut Promise Ring on Pave Sterling Silver Band
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