lauren sanchez 30 carat engagement ring

Jeff Bezos's 30 Carat Engagement Ring to Lauren Sanchez, let's talk about it!

Nothing excites us more than writing about massive celebrity engagement rings and this one truly has to be one of the biggest (albeit just slightly eclipsed by Mariah Carey's 35 carat emerald cut rock given to her by ex fiancee James Packer back in 2016. Which she got to keep btw even after the relationship broke down). 

Mariah Carey kept 35 carat engagement ring from James Packer

Back in 2008, Nick Cannon proposed to Mariah with a 17 carat engagement ring which James Packer essentially doubled and added a carat just for luck. I wonder if that was an ode to 'I'm twice the man he'll ever be' or 'anything he can do, I can do better'. 

Somewhat disappointed that the Packer/Carey wedding didn't take place as it truly would have been nothing short of magical. However, Mariah happily moved on to her backing dancer Bryan Tanaka whom she appeared to have undisputed on screen chemistry with during her addictive reality TV show 'Mariah's World'.  

Back to Miss Sanchez. If you are unfamiliar, you can head on over to Vogue who generously published an entire piece on Lauren looking particularly beautiful in a series of evening gowns and Jeff, looking rather muscular and rugged in various cowboy inspired ensembles. 

lauren sanchez and jeff bezos engagement ring photoshoot

There is no disputing, Miss Sanchez is a badass. The soon to be Mrs Bezos II had a pretty impressive career as an Emmy award winning television news anchor, production house owner, actress, mother, philanthropist and a helicopter pilot. She owns her own aviation company, flies the choppers herself and allegedly even alleviates Jeff of his fear of flying with her magical pilot skills. 

Jeff and Lauren became engaged in 2023. Now although we do not have official details of the engagement ring itself or the jeweller who designed and made the beauty, we speculate that it is between 25-30 carats of cushion cut, mounted on yellow gold prongs, set on an elegant micro pave yellow gold band. 

lauren sanchez engagement ring from jeff bezos

Some jewellers have suggested at it being a very light pink diamond, which hints at it's rarity. Pink diamonds are some of the rarest natural diamonds to exist in this world and their price can cost as much as £100k a carat if not more, depending on the clarity and size of the stone. It wouldn't surprise us if this very special engagement ring from our Amazon billionaire is in fact a light pink diamond which symbolises the truly rare and special love connection between these two! 

This stunning engagement ring had it's own celebrity attended Beverly Hills engagement party of course! The likes of Kris Jenner, the Kardashian's, Salma Hayek, Oprah Winfrey, Miranda Kerr, Robert Pattinson and more! 

Lauren Sanchez engagement party with Oprah

The bride to be looked truly stunning in an off the shoulder corseted satin mini dress showcasing her phenomenal figure! Miss Sanchez was glowing!

lauren sanchez and jeff bezos engagement party

We love this couple who look to have so much fun in all their paparazzi pictures. Congratulations on your engagement and your beautiful ring!

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