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Fake Engagement Rings & Why They Are Popular!

Fake engagement rings are changing the game for the engagement ring industry and here's why. Women want big diamonds. The bigger the better and it seems each proposal video we watch on TikTok features a rock bigger than the last. But how practical are these rings and how does one go about normal life with such a huge stone and visible target on one's hand? We travel, we workout, we run errands and as dazzling as a 6 carat diamond might be, our safety is of paramount importance to both us and our partner.

Margalit Rings actually started by cloning great big stones for our friends, we found a formula that mimics the aesthetic and radiance of a real diamond, without the pricepoint. Our friends recommended their friends and soon our client list grew where we were cloning stones left and right for gorgeous, glamorous ladies to keep their big fat rocks in the safe and wear our fake engagement ring copy instead. They were free to pop to the shops, grab coffee in their favourite coffee shop and hop on public transport without a care in the world. 

As time consuming and expensive it became to work on a custom basis, we decided to create a full range of fake engagement rings for women all over the world to choose from to match either a ring they've been given and want to keep safe or just because they fancy something pretty!

We started with popular celebrity engagement rings, the Hailey Beiber Oval engagement ring, the Sofia Richie Grainge Emerald cut engagement ring and transgressed into trusty favourites such as the classic round solitaire, three stone pear and cushion cut rings with gorgeous hidden halo's and lot's of micro pave detailing all over and on the band. 

We have client's that are so into their jewellery that they have bought our fake engagement rings in every style and colourway, switching up their look with their mood! 

The best part is, you don't have to be engaged or even dating anyone to buy one of these for yourself. Self care to us is treating ourselves to the things we want and not waiting for anyone else to show up or come around and buy them for us. We deserve it today! Completely affordable, with the majority of our fake engagement rings at under $500, you can't go wrong! 

Have a play, try them out, you'll become as addicted as us! Checkout a few of our favourites from our fake engagement ring collection here and gents listen up they also make pretty good promise rings too! If you're saving up for something special, put this ring in the parking spot! Shop our best seller fake engagement rings under $500 here! 


fake engagement rings for women under $500 online by Margalit Rings


fake engagement rings for women under $500 online by Margalit Rings
fake engagement rings for women under $500 online by Margalit Rings
fake engagement rings for women under $500 online by Margalit Rings cushion cut
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